Are contactless technologies really superior to all potentiometric sensors? In many cases, the answer is clearly no. Over recent years, developments in potentiometer technology have proven them to be more durable, cost effective and precise than commonly thought. In many cases, the advantages of potentiometers outweigh the advantages of contactless technologies. When engineered by a capable supplier, modern potentiometric sensors exceed the most demanding automotive specifications for measurement capability and durability.

Mission-critical sensors, like those for throttle-by-wire, are required to perform between –40 to +150°C and must have lifetimes of 10 million full-stroke cycles or more. Millions of these potentiometric systems have been deployed by Novotechnik over the last 10 years in Europe.

For one client application, Novotechnik has provided nearly 20 million sensors over the last 8 years, without one single field failure! For precision measurement, EMC capability, temperature range, power consumption and durability, Novotechnik potentiometric sensors are still the best choice for most automotive position-sensing applications.

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