Non-Contacting Technology
Vert-X® Non-Contacting Rotary
Sensor Technology

Novotechnik’s Vert-X rotary sensor technology is setting the new standard for extended life in non-contacting rotary position transducer/sensor applications with a life expectancy up to 350 million movements.

This vertical Hall sensor technology uses a unique, cross-shaped structure to enable magnetic field components to be measured in both the x and y directions.

Sinusoidal and cosinusoidal signals are transmitted to an embedded microprocessor, which uses the ratio between the sinusoidal and cosinusoidal parts to perform the angle calculation.

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NOVOSTRICTIVE® Non-Contacting Linear Magnetostrictive Technology

Novotechnik’s NOVOSTRICTIVE® sensor technology sets the new standard for linearity with two micrometer fixed resolution, 16 kHz update rate and extended life.

This new technology is flexible and supports multiple simultaneously-moving pick-up markers with the same sensor.

Novostrictive sensors can use the advanced Novotechnik DyMoS™ high speed data interface.

INDRES® Non-Contacting Lineary or Rotary Technology

Novotechnik's proprietary INDuctive-RESistive technology is ideal for demanding automotive applications. INDRES has excellent EMC characteristics and is unaffected by stray magnetic fields.

INDRES is implemented as a mixed-mode ASIC, with signal processing entirely in the analog domain, thus preserving the excellent resolution of inductive sensors and allowing for high dynamic response often lost with digital-core technologies.

The INDRES ASIC is validated from -40° to +150°C.

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